John Hadfield
Robot Monkey Head



Robot Monkey Head 

Robot… Monkey… Head …Robot… Monkey….Head…. 

I have a trampoline and a trapeze in my backroom
I have a solar powered hovercraft,  a wizard’s flying broom
but there  is one more toy I’d like to have before I’m gone and dead
and It’s a battery-powered life size wireless robot monkey head, 

Robot monkey head, Robot monkey head
That face I know so well -- you’ll be my show and tell

Robot Monkey head Robot monkey head
Your breath smells like bananas-- You’d never wear pajamas 

You’d never run away from me and hardly ever sweat
and you’d stay out of the garbage and you’d be the perfect pet
and when my mom came home from work then I could hide you in my room
and you could help me with my homework teach me how to speak “baboon,”  

Robot Monkey Head Robot monkey head
you’d be my missing link -- your neck leaks when you drink 

Robot Monkey head Robot monkey head
I’d learn your monkey call -- Ooo - ooo -- oo ahhh - ahhh - ahhhhh
Ooo-ooo-ooo   AAHh-Ahhh-Aahhh! X 3

I’d strap you to my handlebars while riding on my bike
and I would feed you monkey chow or just bananas if you like
and I would tell you funny knock-knock jokes and demonstrate karate
but you could never punch or kick ‘cause you don’t have a body! 

Robot Monkey Head Robot monkey head
On my handlebars -- Watching out for cars X 3
Robot Monky Head _I’d learn your monkey call ooo ooo ooo Ah AH AH

Robot… Monkey….Head…. Robot… Monkey….Head…. 

Robot… Monkey….Head…. Robot… Monkey….Head…. 

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© Copyright ~ John Hadfield